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<title>ismael arenzana</title>
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<header id="title-block-header">
<h1 class="title">ismael arenzana</h1>
<p class="subtitle">Software Product Executive</p>
<div class="customsub">
<p>+1 (312) 772-5171 | | EU - USA</p>
<p><a href=""></a> | <a
| <a
<h1 id="summary">summary</h1>
<p>Software product engineering executive specialized in
mission-critical product development from inception to release and
delivery. Revenue-focused (increasing revenue per contract by 15%) and
people-oriented with more than 20 years of experience in the technology
world. Cleared to work in the United States and European Union.</p>
<h1 id="areas-of-expertise">areas of expertise</h1>
<p><strong>Team Leadership and Development</strong> | <strong>Product
Vision and Direction</strong> | <strong>Enterprise Technology
Strategy</strong> <strong>9-1-1/Public Safety industry
knowledge</strong> | <strong>DevOps</strong> | <strong>GIS and Location
<h1 id="career-highlights">career highlights</h1>
<li>Lead INdigital's next generation GIS platform providing a 15%
increase in net revenue per contract and saving future (5 year estimate)
revenue loss of $16M.</li>
<li>Directed the product development of the 9-1-1 static location
delivery platform. Improved release cadence by 60% and a 400% speed
increase in bug and feature implementation.</li>
<li>Authored the first data product and technical plan. This plan is
reducing the revenue loss (due to required partnerships) in
$750,000/year with a 5-year reduction of $1.7M yearly.</li>
<h1 id="experience">experience</h1>
<h3 id="director-of-product-at-indigital">Director of Product at
<h5 id="june-2021---present">June 2021 - Present</h5>
<p><em></em> /Fort Wayne, Indiana/<br />
<p>Pioneered the location services and data analytics product lines at
INdigital, a 9-1-1/Public Safety network and software provider. </p>
<li>Direct the creation of the GIS and data product lines by defining a
vision, development strategy, KPI definition, requirements gathering,
and following the full life cycle of the product.</li>
<li>Yearly budget creation and management for the product lines working
with a $1.5M yearly budget.</li>
<li>Managed an expanding team of 4 engineers and architects with set
goals, performance expectations, and career development plans.</li>
<h3 id="senior-devops-engineer-at-indigital">Senior DevOps Engineer at
<h5 id="july-2016---june-2021">July 2016 - June 2021</h5>
<p><em></em> /Fort Wayne, Indiana/<br />
<p>Managed the location services serving more than 15% of the United
States population, and data-driven product lines for INdigital, a
9-1-1/Public Safety network and software provider. </p>
<li>Established the products' lifecycle: quality assurance, CI,
production deployments, assisting software development and product
<li>Design, implementation and management of the data flow technologies
and processing ingesting metrics in near real time on more than 5000
events per second.</li>
<h3 id="systems-architect-at-transworks-inc">Systems Architect at
TransWorks, Inc</h3>
<h5 id="november-2013---july-2016">November 2013 - July 2016</h5>
<p><em></em> /Fort Wayne, IN/<br />
<p>Specialized in engineering platforms and solutions for the company's
logistics management software. </p>
<li>Systems Engineering.</li>
<li>IT Project leadership.</li>
<li>Oracle and Postgres DBA.</li>
<li>Key architect of the first microservices team in the company.
Improved feature delivery of the flagship product from 2 per year to 1
per week and improving resource utilization by 600%.</li>
<h3 id="operations-associate---omnesys-technologies-inc">Operations
Associate - Omnesys Technologies, Inc</h3>
<h5 id="june-2004---june-2012">June 2004 - June 2012</h5>
<p><em></em> /Pearl River, New York/<br />
<p>Administered UNIX servers (Solaris and Linux) and Omnesyss native
middleware. </p>
<li><p>Consultant for JPMorgan Chase, supporting the Omnesys-powered
market trading software infrastructure.</p></li>
<li><p>Development and deployment the new data distribution plant and
the design of the new data distribution schema provided to the bank that
increased throughput on same resources by 75%.</p></li>
<li><p>EMEA primary operator for Rithmic, LLC (New York) supporting the
Omnesys-powered full trading platform.</p></li>
<h1 id="education">education</h1>
Internacional de La Rioja - Logroño, Spain</h3>
<h5 id="april-2020---may-2021">April 2020 - May 2021</h5>
<p>Masters of Business Administration (MBA)<br />
<h3 id="indiana-institute-of-technology---fort-wayne-indiana">Indiana
Institute of Technology - Fort Wayne, Indiana</h3>
<h5 id="september-2012---may-2016">September 2012 - May 2016</h5>
<p>Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - MIS<br />
Graduated Summa Cum Laude. </p>
<h3 id="i.e.s-rey-fernando-vi---madrid-spain">I.E.S Rey Fernando VI -
Madrid, Spain</h3>
<p>Associates Degree in Enterprise Software Development and
Analysis<br />