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<title>Ismael Arenzana</title>
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<header id="title-block-header">
<h1 class="title">Ismael Arenzana</h1>
<p class="subtitle">Software Product Leader</p>
<div class="customsub">
<p>+1 (312) 772-5171 | | EU - USA</p>
<p><a href=""></a> | <a href=""></a> | <a href=""></a></p>
<h1 id="summary">Summary</h1>
<p>Software and systems architect specialized in mission-critical environments. Passionate about the intersection of people, business, and technology. Cleared to work in the United States and European Union.</p>
<h1 id="skills">Skills</h1>
<li><strong>Team leadership</strong>. Mentoring and training technical teams (particularly junior employees)</li>
<li><strong>Product vision and management</strong>. Leading product development with different teams and skillsets.</li>
<li><strong>Fluent in English and Spanish</strong>.</li>
<li><strong>Financial markets and 9-1-1/Public Safety industry knowledge</strong>.</li>
<li><strong>Productivity and performance</strong>. Successfully implemented and coached methods on both personal and professional productivity.</li>
<h1 id="technology-specific-skills">Technology-specific Skills</h1>
<li><strong>Languages</strong>: Golang, Shell, SQL</li>
<li><strong>Databases</strong>: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle DB, Elasticsearch</li>
<li><strong>Markup</strong>: JSON, XML, Markdown, LaTeX, Emacs Org-mode</li>
<li><strong>Operating Systems</strong>: Linux (RHEL), MacOS</li>
<li><strong>Deployment Platforms</strong>: Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad</li>
<li><strong>Tools</strong>: Emacs, Git, SSH, tmux, Mosh</li>
<li><strong>Open Source Technologies</strong>: Ansible, RabbitMQ, Consul, Prometheus, Logstash, Elastic Beats, Terraform, Robot Framework</li>
<li><strong>Geospatial</strong>: PostGIS, QGIS, Esri ArcGIS</li>
<li><strong>Methodologies and Paradigms</strong>: Agile, Waterfall, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Microservices, REST APIs</li>
<h1 id="experience">Experience</h1>
<h3 id="senior-devops-engineer-at-indigital">Senior DevOps Engineer at INdigital</h3>
<h5 id="july-2016---present">July 2016 - Present</h5>
<p><em></em> /Fort Wayne, Indiana/<br />
<p>Manage the location services and data analytics product lines for INdigital, a 9-1-1/Public Safety network and software provider. </p>
<li>Specialized on 9-1-1’s location and geospatial systems (GIS) lifecycle: quality assurance, CI, production deployments, supporting software development and product management.</li>
<li>Responsible for the data flow technologies and processing.</li>
<li>New technical staff training.</li>
<h3 id="systems-architect-at-transworks-inc">Systems Architect at TransWorks, Inc</h3>
<h5 id="november-2013---july-2016">November 2013 - July 2016</h5>
<p><em></em> /Fort Wayne, IN/<br />
<p>Specialized in engineering platforms and solutions for the company's logistics management software. </p>
<li>Engineering of Linux (CentOS) systems and DevOps for mass deployments of mostly on-premise environments. VMWare vSphere 5 and 6 management (of the host and VMs). Familiar with Puppet, Consul, Vagrant, Docker and other DevOps software.</li>
<li>IT Project Management.</li>
<li>Oracle and Postgres DBA. OS X Sys-Admin.</li>
<li>Backend development in Go with the first devops/microservices team in the company.</li>
<h3 id="operations-associate---omnesys-technologies-inc">Operations Associate - Omnesys Technologies, Inc</h3>
<h5 id="june-2004---june-2012">June 2004 - June 2012</h5>
<p><em></em> /Pearl River, New York/<br />
<p>Managed UNIX servers (Solaris and Linux) and Omnesys’s native middleware. </p>
<li>Consultant for JPMorgan Chase, New York, supporting their Omnesys-powered market trading software infrastructure. Development, deployment, and support the new data distribution plant as well as design of the new data distribution schema provided to the bank.</li>
<li>EMEA primary operator for Rithmic, LLC (New York) supporting their Omnesys-powered full trading platform.</li>
<h3 id="software-development-intern-at-renfe">Software Development Intern at Renfe</h3>
<h5 id="april-2004---june-2004">April 2004 - June 2004</h5>
<p><em></em> /Madrid, Spain/<br />
<p>Developed software applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and IBM DB2 for management and statistical purposes. </p>
<h1 id="education">Education</h1>
<h3 id="universidad-internacional-de-la-rioja---logroño-spain">Universidad Internacional de La Rioja - Logroño, Spain</h3>
<h5 id="april-2020---may-2021">April 2020 - May 2021</h5>
<p><em>Masters of Business Administration (MBA)</em> </p>
<h3 id="indiana-institute-of-technology---fort-wayne-indiana">Indiana Institute of Technology - Fort Wayne, Indiana</h3>
<h5 id="september-2012---may-2016">September 2012 - May 2016</h5>
<p><em>Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - Management of Information Systems</em></p>
<p>Graduated Summa Cum Laude. </p>
<h3 id="i.e.s-rey-fernando-vi---madrid-spain">I.E.S Rey Fernando VI - Madrid, Spain</h3>
<h5 id="september-2002---may-2004">September 2002 - May 2004</h5>
<p><em>Associates Degree in Enterprise Software Development and Analysis</em> </p>