Generate an RSS feed from a config file and an mp3 file.
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Generates RSS feed and can upload to S3. Also, it can generate episode and index HTML if desired.


Build from source

Make sure Go 1.15+ is installed on your machine. You can follow this guide to do so. On a Mac, just set your $GOPATH and run brew install go.

git clone
cd feeder

Now you can execute feeder.


First, add an episode:

feeder add -f ~/episode01.mp3 -u

This will generate an entry on the podcast_episodes file. We should edit the JSON file with the info we want first. The episode has also been uploaded at this point (it could have generated an episode file too if we had passed the -w option).

Now we need to generate the RSS file from the episodes:

feeder generate -c ~/feeder_podcastname.yml -u -w

This will generate the RSS file and upload it to S3.

It's recommended that you create a CloudFront distribution and point Route 53 entries to it rather than just going directly to the S3 bucket.