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# Emacs 27.1 Installation
This is for you as much as this is for me, since I want to remember some
stuff I do and the blog sometimes serves as a public knowledge base.
Regarding 27.1, there's plenty of great resources [here] and [here], so
I won't go over them.
Simple installation considering you have Development Tools and TLS
libraries installed for your distro:
./configure --with-json
make install
I'm only adding native JSON support since it's the number one (or
[number two] after language servers) feature in Emacs 27. Since the
loading order in 27 changes, I'm adding support for previous versions
with the following in my ` ` file:
(when (< emacs-major-version 27)
Additionally, I had to run `go get ` in
order for gopls to not crash. Other than that, it seems like this
version hasn't broken any other elements of my set up; but it might
still be a little bit too early to tell!
=> here
=> here
=> number two